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Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is our top priority when manufacturing and installation of our products.  We offer a two-year guarantee on all printed outdoor & indoor signage, illuminated signage and vehicle branding.

Promotional Displays, Gifts & Clothing a 7 day guarantee.

How to report default in our products:

Contact your sales representative and schedule an appointment for inspection.  If your installation or product is outside of Bloemfontein, email your pictures to your sales representative for evaluation and feedback.

Keep record of your purchase to ensure that your guarantee is valid.  Keep record of your signed off job card to ensure the job was done by our team.

Time frame to correct our default

We have a 30 day correction policy that we have to replace your default signage.

Our inspection policy on printed indoor / outdoor signage & illuminated signage

We will inspect your building signage and give a report within 7 days from our site visit or site photo’s received.

Our team will also inspect the decals, framework, brackets, face, illumination, connection, installation, finishing.

Our inspection policy on vehicle branding

We will inspect your vehicle and give feedback with in 7 days from inspection date.

We will also inspect the vehicle for any negligence of vigorous cleaning / chemicals abuse, heavy outdoor exposure / direct parking in sun, cracking / peeling of decals.

Our inspection policy on promotional display, corporate gifts & clothing

We inspect the default and will refer back to supplier, give a report with in 7 days.

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