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150 mm Mae West Lightbox
(Opal Plexiglass, Mae West, Baby H, Aluminium Corners, Translucent Vinyl, LED Tubes, Brackets, Square Tubing Poles with Supports)

25mm PVC stretched Banner System
(25mm Square Tubing, PVC B/W, Hilti’s)

Round Pipe PVC Banner Flags
(Round Bar, PVC W/W, Rope)

Full Colour Printed PVC banner, stretched over 25mm square tubing frame. Installed against Facia.

Flags- Full Colour Digital printed PVC Banner, Stretched Inside Round Bar Frame, Lightbox- 150mm Mae west lightbox with 3mm opal plexiglass face, Double sided
with Translucent Vinyl Applied.

Flags mounted on Baseplate, Fixed to roof.
Lightbox mounted on baseplates fixed to roof.
PVC stretch banner system fixed to Facia with Hilti’s.

From Manufacturing to Installation: 7 days.

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