General Signage


Billboards & Structures

We build custom billboards to our client specifications.
The structure depend on the size of the face.
The face can be manufactured from Chromadek or Flexface.
Chromadek (steel) with full colour print and lamination is a durable material used for long term purposes.
Flexface (PVC Banner with uv varnish) is a light weight material directly printed on the material and treated with a uv varnish to protect against fading from the sun.

We have the following standard sizes available:
Size A: 2450mm x 1225mm
Size B: 2450mm x 2450mm
Size C: 3000mm x 1225mm
Size D: 3000mm x 3000mm
Size E: 6000mm x 2450mm
We can also replace existing billboard faces (also called flight of billboards).


Shopfront Signs

Shopfront signage normally consists of Chromadek (steel) used either flat or on a framework, framework options to choose from is 25mm steel square tubing or 25mm aluminium square tubing.

You can choose from more materials like:
I-bond (aluminium composite material)
Flexface (PVC Banner with uv varnish)
We offer custom sizes to fit your shop front needs.
We can revamp your current signage.

We have the following standard sizes available:
Size A: 1225mm x 612.5mm (quarter sheet)
Size B: 1225mm x 1225mm (half sheet vertical cut)
Size C: 2450mm x 1225mm (full sheet)
Size D: 2450mm x 612.5mm (half sheet horizontal cut)
Size E: 3000mm x 1225mm (full sheet)


Lightbox Signs

Our standard lightbox manufactured out of 150mm aluminium extrusion with aluminium corners, aluminium Baby H to slide in 3mm opal plexiglass and full colour print or vinyl (face of box) finished off with chromadek backing. Inside the box we use LED tubing or LED modules for illumination. We offer installation of the lightbox our client is responsible for connection of the lightbox. Optional faces available like full colour backlit pvc banner or Perspex face with Perspex cut outs.

We have the following standard sizes available:
Size A: 500mm x 500mm
Size B: 1000mm x 500mm
Size C: 2000mm x 1000mm
Size D: 3000mm x 1000mm
Size E: 4000mm x 1000mm


Fabricated Signs

This custom made signage option gives a unique look and feel for any business.

You can play around with logo and font types, fit the sign with LED modules to give visual perspective and visibility. Different types of materials can also be used the main material is plexiglass as it conforms easily. Standard sizes are not available.


Wallpaper & Decals

Full colour custom print on wallpaper or choose from your wallpaper catalogue (desyn syndicate)

We also offer installation at competitive prices

We design and cut custom wall decals to our customer’s specifications.


ABS Signs

ABS plastic is a material for indoor use and can also be used outdoor for short term purposes only. ABS is popular for safety signs, information signs, shelving signs, cut out lettering, stencils. You can print directly onto ABS or overlay it with vinyl print or cut out lettering.

ABS is available in different thicknesses 0.9mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and is white in colour.

We have the following standard sizes available:
Size A: 150mm x 150mm
Size B: 200mm x 200mm
Size C: 600mm x 450mm
Size D: 900mm x 600mm
Size E: 2500mm x 1250mm (sheet size)


Correx Signs

Correx is a corrugated plastic material used for short term, promotional advertising.

Correx can be printed directly onto, overlay with vinyl print or cut out vinyl lettering fitted with eyelids to be mounted into estate agent board frames, lamp post posters for advertising, directional signs at events or photo frames for promotions.

We have the following standard sizes available:
Size A: 600mm x 450mm
Size B: 900mm x 600mm
Size E: 2500mm x 1250mm (sheet size)


Perspex Signs

Perspex or plexiglass is an acrylic material used for indoor and outdoor signage.

Perspex signs gives a classy look and feel and is a popular material used by architects.

Perspex comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm. Perspex can be wall mounted with aluminium spacers, great for reception or directional signage. Perspex signs can be custom ordered.


Steel Signs

We supply 2mm mild steel signs, custom sizes, powder coated to our clients colour specifications.

We manufacture laser cut out lettering with pins stud welded onto our lettering for long term use.


I-Bond Signs

I-Bond signs can be used for indoor and outdoor signage.